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The concept of the actions devoted to anniversary of European Reformation  «Celebrating 500th anniversary Reformation in Russia. 2016 - 2017»

The concept of the actions devoted to anniversary of European Reformation «Celebrating 500th anniversary Reformation in Russia. 2016 - 2017»

This concept is confirmed

On Consistory of ELC АC




Complex of the actions devoted to anniversary of European Reformation

«Celebrating 500th anniversary Reformation in Russia. 2016 - 2017»



The concept: celebrating, carrying out of the actions devoted to anniversary Reformation, have the major value for Lutheran Church. The program, developed by the Russian Lutheran Church (ELC АC), has the purpose realization of some scientific and educational actions which popularizations of the European history, history of Russia, as the European country, its culture, a science, religious life, as parts of the all-European process. The purpose of this actions: to help representatives of a science, public institutes, religious figures present results and plans of the work on intellectual platforms of the European countries, Russia, and some the Russian regions.


Reformation has made huge impact on development of Russia. There is no such sphere, or knowledge branch in which work immigrants from Europe, and first of all Lutherans would not take part. The richest military history, the government, discoveries in all kinds of scientific disciplines, navigation, medicine and many other things, abounds with names of representatives of a Lutheranism. Their military valour, talents, diligence have found the application on immense open spaces of Russia and has left the richest cultural and historical heritage.


A coming anniversary is a fine occasion again, once again, and on many events in general anew this stratum for Europe to "open", to tell to the European thinkers, scientific, about what contribution was brought by Reformation in our history. As counter process, it would be important for us, to familiarize with last European researches on a theme of Reformation, to plunge into a context of the European scientific thought. We want to work together with the European colleagues in our researches and to consider questions of modern joining, a meeting of theology and philosophy, sociology, mutual enrichment in a difficult, complex religious sciences and the humanities. It is important for us an applied aspect today's secular and religious processes in Europe, including Russia. These are questions of legal regulation an activity of the religious organizations, mutual relations of Church as public institute and state, questions and practice of social service, norms of medical ethics, etc.


It is important that carried out actions become a platform for discussion of the points of view for representatives state and municipal authority, diplomatic circles, discussions interfaith, interreligious character.


Within the limits of a complex of actions ELC АC plans to spend (in coordination with authorities, interfaith and the interreligious organizations) discussion of a topics, offers on perfection of the legislation and an exchange of experience law enforcement in all-Russian scale.


The organizational approach: a base actions are offered to be distributed on three levels: international, Russian, regional. A time of carrying out of actions is defined as April 2016 - December 2017г. An opening of anniversary celebrations begins in April 2016г. from a series of actions in the Voronezh region, devoted 250th anniversary of Lutheran arrival of Ribensdorf and history of the Voronezh community. Within May - December, 2016 it is important to make a series of the regional round tables, open lectures, the seminars, which purpose to refresh a theme of European Reformation anniversary to Russia. The international part of the program opens in April, 2017 by the international conference on one of the European intellectual platforms which second part should take place in Russia in June 2017г.


It is necessary to notice that foreign visitors will be invited by us for participation both in all-Russian and in the regional program. The international conference (the European and Moscow parts) allows to provide representation of the Russian experts, scientific, religious leaders at the international level.

The all-Russian actions will include a series of inter-regional events (seminars, round tables, congresses), realized in regions of Russia on different subjects.

Regional actions will be devoted a history of concrete arrivals and Lutheran communities in regions.


At regional level it is offered to realize a complex of the general actions within the limits of uniform structure:

- A round table in one of regional High schools and colleges (esp.historical faculty)

- A fair «Culture of Reformation», «Artists of Reformation» in the regional museum of arts, gallery

- A fair« History of Lutheranism » in museum of local lore

- A concert (classical music)

-литературные чтения (обл. или гор. библиотека)

- Literary readings (region or city library)


The program will include also a set of religious actions: visits, missionary trips, scientific expeditions, the literature publishing, to participation in which we invite a foreign colleagues and ministers.


The basic platforms of carrying out of actions are:

The international conference: Moscow

Inter-regional conferences: the Voronezh region, Altay territory, Kazan

Regional conferences: Krasnodar territory, Irkutsk, Nizhni Novgorod


For realization project on preparation and carrying out of actions the Consistory forms the Organizing committee which members (on a post) are all ministers and (or) chairmen of Councils of Communities of ELC АC. The chairman Organizing committee is authorized by the Consistory on conducting all negotiations, contacts, concerning carrying out actions, co-ordinates their schedule and conditions with participants. He also reports to the Consistory about a course of preparation and carrying out of actions. The authorities of members of Organizing committee are formed and distributed routinely, in coordination with other members of Organizing committee. For work in Organizing committee each community, provostry, district invite responsible persons for their inclusion in its structure (for work in a mode "as agreed" or on a constant basis). All offers about personal structure the Consistory affirm routinely. The structure of members of Organizing committee includes: The all-Russian part (8-10 persons) and regional part (on subjects or inter-regional). The quantity of members of Organizing committee in regions is not confine, it is defined by a community.



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