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The Concluding Statement by Conservative Apostolic Churches at the Jerusalem Summit

The Concluding Statement by Conservative Apostolic Churches at the Jerusalem Summit

We, the undersigned representatives of apostolic and convergent churches, gathered together in the holy city of Jerusalem on the Reformation Day of 31 October 2015,  recognizing our responsibility for the disunity of Christians and purposing to obey our Lord's commandment, wish to raise our voices for the protection of the apostolic Christian faith, traditional Christian values, and to declare our agreement and unity in a number of important issues for modern Christianity.

We are deeply concerned about the revision of basic Christian moral values which leads to  a progressive widening of the schism in Christendom. A false concept of tolerance and a disrespect towards the God-given gift of life and the institution of family cause us  concern about the future of the Church.

In relation to the above mentioned, we declare our commitment to the Christian values which are upheld not only by apostolic churches.

1. We bear witness that the Holy Writ is God's infallible Revelation to His people. We are in agreement  that Bible exegesis must be done in accord with the doctrine of the early Christian church and applied to modern situations of Christian ministry.

2. We declare that biblical marriage is God's institution for all times designed for one man and one woman. No man-made laws or institutions can ever alter the nature of marriage.

3. We declare that life is God's priceless gift given to the human being at the moment of conception. An abortion at any stage of pregnancy is murder and its attempt is an encroachment on human life.

4.We state that it is God's exclusive and sovereign right to give and take life, man not being entitled with a right to deprive another person of his/her life. We reject all manners of violent termination of human life by the hand of man. The so-called voluntary leaving of this world (euthanasia) is a sinful neglect of God's gift of life, a rebellion against God's institution, and is not acceptable for believers.

5. We believe that it is important to make every possible effort to achieve unity in preaching Jesus Christ crucified and resurrected, being the Lord and Savior of all mankind. Unity in preaching the gospel is a witness before the unbelieving world.

6. We are certain that Israel has a special spiritual role in the process of reaching and realizing spiritual unity among Christians. We support the activities of the Terra Sancta Israel Association in coordinating the efforts of Christian groups to jointly assist Christian congregations in Israel and preach the gospel in other countries.

We express our support to the Christians who have been traditionally present in the Holy Land since the time of the Apostles and join the voices of the Catholic and the Orthodox communities while expressing concern about the activities of radical groups.

We consider it important to make efforts in our respective countries to support all Christians residing in the Holy Land, both historical and new congregations. Towards that goal we are ready to carry out enlightening activities, to provide mass media and politicians in our countries with objective and balanced information, and to provide local Christian congregations with humanitarian and other kinds of aid.

7. We are acknowledge our responsibility to obey Christ's commandment: “That they all may be one; as thou, Father, art in me, and I in thee, that they also may be one in us: that the world may believe that thou hast sent me.” (John 17:21)

Having discovered spiritual affinity between our churches in the fundamental aspects of faith and morality, we intend to conduct a responsible dialog in order to clarify canonical and theological issues about which we may have differing opinions. The goal of this dialog shall be achieving the greatest possible degree of brotherly and ecclesiastical communion  under  current conditions.

We invite other Christian ecclesiastical bodies to join this declaration on the above principles.

The Jerusalem Declaration is to be studied, and is to represent the basis for further dialogue between our churches.

Signed by:

Antonio Raposo

(Portugal) Patriarch of the Apostolic Episcopal Church in Portugal


Thomas E. Gordon

(USA) Presiding Bishop of the Or­thodox Anglican Church and Metro­politan Archbishop of the Orthodox Anglican Communion


Emilio Alvarez

(USA) Bishop and Ecumenical Com­missioner of the International Com­monwealth of Evangelical Episcopal Churches


David Hathaway

(UK) International evangelist, Hon­orary Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the International Associ­ation Terra Sancta Israel, Head of the Ministry of David Hathaway and the Eurovision Europe TV


Moses Owusu-Sekyere

(UK) Bishop of the Apostolic Pasto­ral Congress


Alexander Kuznetsov

(Russia) Chairman of the Confer­ence of Russian Lutheran Bishops and Bishop of Karelian Evangelical Lutheran Church


Konstantin Andreev

(Russia) Presiding bishop of Evan­gelical Lutheran Church of Augs­burg confession in Russia


Augustin Bacinsky

(Slovakia)Archbishop Old Catholic Church in Slovakia


Timofey Medvedev

 (Israel) Superintendent of the inter­national Association Terra Sancta Israel


Hani Shehadeh

(Israel) Bishop Of The Apostolic An­glican Church In Israel


Rafal Bukowiecki

(Czech Republic) Head of the High Church Lutheran fraternity Ad Fontes and Priest of Lutheran Evan­gelical Church of the Augsburg Con­fession


Igor Knyazev

(Russia) Bishop of the Northern Church District of Evangelical Lu­theran Church of Augsburg Confes­sion




Pavils Levushkans

(Latvia) Bishop of International Episcopal District of Evangelical Lu­theran Church of Augsburg Confes­sion


Anatoly Malakhov

(Russia) Bishop of the Southern Church District of Evangelical Lu­theran Church of Augsburg Confes­sion


Franz Alexander

(Russia) Bishop of the West Siberian church District of Evangelical Lutheran Church of Augsburg Confession


Sergey Rjakhovsky

(Russia) Presiding bishop of Russian United Union Christians of Evangelical faith


Mourice Ojow

(Ethiopia) Bishop of the East African Province of the Orthodox Anglican Church


Josivaldo Pereira de Oliveira

(Brazil) Bishop of the Diocese of Rio de Janeiro

 of the Brazilian Catholic Apostolic Church


Pater Pius CCSA

(Germany) Prior of the High Church Lutheran Order

of the Canons of St. Augustine


Gleb Samburski

(Israel) Bishop of International congregation «Living Israel»


Christian Kliver

(Germany) Bishop of the Apostolic Pastoral Congress in Germany


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