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Lutheranism is moving to the East

Lutheranism is moving to the East

Since its creation, with the first meetings and sessions (2007) Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Augsburg Confession (Russia) has defined for itself as one of the most important areas - a work in the Asian part of Russia (Siberia, Transbaikalia, Far East). Six years have not been wasted. There were organized two communities in Republic Buryatia, in Irkutsk we registred a parish. For us this is not just parishes, but kind of springboard to advance farther to the east. The most easterly of the registered parishes of our church in Petropavlovka - Buryatia district (about 300 km. from Republican center of Ulan - Ude). Importantly, there was a basis for further work - people contacts with non-governmental organizations and the government, a good relationship with a number of Protestant churches and communities, partnerships with universities, museums, and more.
Links http://youtu.be/m6856sNBCpU


Irkutsk region has a rich "Lutheran" story. First governor-general, judges, prosecutors, doctors and lawyers, engineers, police officers were numerous representatives of Lutheranism. Buryatia has a same story in this section, but there is still an interesting and specificity defined Buddhist culture and heritage.
Irkutsk region has a rich "Lutheran" story. First governor-general, judges, prosecutors, doctors and lawyers, engineers, police officers were numerous representatives of Lutheranism. Buryatia has a same story in this section, but there is still an interesting and specificity defined Buddhist culture and heritage.

I am glad that our work in Siberia, Transbaikalia and the Far East is gaining momentum. Next visit there I plan in October-November of this year. The visit will include (in addition to the church) Extensive social and cultural programs. We welcome all who want to join this work, no matter where a person lives in Siberia or Moscow, Buryatia and Khabarovsk Krai. All there is the case for the soul, any participation and contribution will be necessary and important.

We plan to expand the geography of our mission - ahead Mongolia is (here is being established good connections also), and there, who knows, may be huge and interesting China, other Asian countries. We will try to our mission in addition to their basic religious problem would promote education, enlightment of local residents, helped them in establishing mutually beneficial relationships with business and academical circles of European countries, developing cultural exchanges and contacts with them.
Below last visitation diary and contacts for communication.

As it happened:
Day One - 14 June 2014. 
I arrived in Irkutsk. I held working meetings, community meeting, celebrated Mass, then together, happily celebrated the birth of Irkutsk community.
Links : http://luther.ru/ru/article/evangelichesko-lyuteranskij-prihod-vozneseniya-gospodnya-irkutsk/



Day Two - 15 June 2014. 
I have worship in hospice in Irkutsk, and in the evening I participated in a memorial concert in memory of the first governor of Irkutsk Y.A. Nozhikov, which was organized by fund of his name. It should be noted that I arrived in Irkutsk on this trip thanks to the invitation by the fund itself and fund president Y.G. Kurin.
Links: http://luther.ru/ru/article/lyuteranskaya-messa-v-irkutske-gorod-hospis-bajkal/





Day Three - 16 June 2014. 
We drove out a missionary trip to the shore of Lake Baikal in the village Angasolka
Links: http://baznica.info/article/missionerskie-zametki-bajkal/



Day Four - 17 June 2014. 
We participated (me and representatives of our community) in II Nozhikovskih readings Regional Library by Molchanov-Sibirsky.



Day Five - 18 June 2014. 
We visited the one of the largest Protestant churches, we were welcomed by Medvedev Maslak, plenipotentiary representative of the President ROSHVE, a member of the Council for Cooperation with Religious Organizations under the President of the Russian Federation in the Irkutsk region, chairman ROSHVE in Irkutsk region, a member of the Interfaith Council of the Government of Irkutsk region.
Then we took part in a round table in the center of the family humanitarian Field.
In the evening I went to Ulan-Ude (Buryatia Republic).

Links: http://www.protestant.ru/news/church/ofchrist/article/717861







19 - 21 June 2014. 
The visit will continue to work in Buryatia. There were also meetings with businesses, public organizations, meeting with the media. Main theme was future projects and cooperation in education and missionary work. A meeting with the head of the Presbyterian Church of Buryatia Kalmyninym Victor was very interesting and useful, we met last year at a conference organized by him and dedicated to the work of Russian spiritual mission in Transbaikalia (early 19th century). The evening of 21 June, I celebrated Mass in our community in Ulan-Ude, and went to Irkutsk.
Links:  http://baznica.info/article/lyuteranskij-episkop-igor-knyazev-posetil-cerkvi-v/







Day Nine - 22 June 2014. 
In the morning I arrived in Irkutsk. We drove to the village Khomutovo where was celebrated Mass and hallowed the land for the construction of the future Christian village. Then we chanted prayers on the ruins of the Lutheran church (thanks for operational coordination activities of administration of Irkutsk). Then we went to a concert of classical music in the  Philharmonic Organ Hall Irkutsk.
Links: http://youtu.be/hn5pJnqpvYo







Day Ten - 23 June 2014. 
We finished all the work in the Irkutsk community. I served a burial service for our deceased brother in Christ Vladimir, first in the ritual hall, then to the cemetery in the village Smolenshina. Directly from the cemetery I went to the airport. Evening I flew to Irkutsk.

Bishop ELC AC
Igor Knyazev
+ 7 925 186 52 16






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