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The Moscow declaration of conservative apostolic churches of Europe

The Moscow declaration of conservative apostolic churches of Europe


On April, 18th 2015, Moscow

Answering challenges of a modernism and attempts of destruction traditional moral principles given to us in the Holy Scripture and continuous tradition of Church we, as representatives of conservative apostolic churches in Europe, have signed the following declaration:

1.We consider actual to adhere to an Article of faith established by st Vicentius Lerinsky in following definition: «Id teneamus, quod ubique, quod semper, quod ab аuto bus creditum est; hoc est etenim vere proprieque catholicum.» (In Catholic Church especially we should care about conserving things in which trusted everywhere, always, and by everybody).

2. We recognize distinctions between our churches, which is provoked by historical features of theological thought. Having comprehended and recognizing these distinctions as expression of uniform apostolic faith and uniform catholic church, we recognize: distinctions are a legitimate and they are necessary variety of members of a uniform Christ Body.

3. Any church should not reject illegally any doctrinal definition, which admits by other church as an obligatory norm. In the rest, except listed in the first thesis, no one doctrinal positive expression given positively by one church should be obligatory article of belief in another church; wider consensus on these questions will be in future.

4. Each church realizes its catholic belief if it stays in dialogue with other churches. We assert that catholic belief of church are found by the external expression in joint Eucharist and a mutual recognition of priesthood.

5. We recognize value initial ordination of bishops and their assistants: priests and deacons. Apostolic succession as we understand – the succession of faith, and also as a visible sign on a continuity of Christian church within all centuries of its existence from apostles up to now, kept through service of bishops. Our churches undertake, having left biases concerning theological legitimacy of those or other church posts, from this moment ordain priests through ordination so that the recognition of their dignity was not inconvenient.

6. There is a dialogue in cathedra and altar service between our churches.

7. Holy Eucharist always is a true central point of catholic divine services, we support with perfect fidelity the ancient catholic doctrine concerning Sacrament of Eucharist, namely: accepting bread and wine, we accept a true Body and Blood of our Savior Jesus.

8. We consider that to ordination of priests and bishops is possible only for men.

9. We assert that marriage is an eternal union of man and woman. We reject so-called «unisex families» and possibility of church marriage for such unions.

10. We esteem Divine gift of life and consequently we reject abortions and euthanasia, as the form of murder.

The declaration is opened for other churches and the communities, wishing to join an alliance of conservative apostolic churches of Europe.

On behalf of the Old Catholic Church in Slovakia (Church Province of St. Method)
Metropolitan Archbishop Augustin Bačinský

On behalf of Evangelical Lutheran church of Augsburg Confession (Russia):

The president of General Synod ELC AC,
The titular Bishop 
Vladimir Pudov

The bishop of ELC АC Konstantin Andreev

The bishop of Northern church district ELC АC 
Igor Knyazev

The bishop of Southern church district ELC АC
Pavel Levushkan

The bishop of Western-Siberian church district ELC АC
Alexander Franz


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